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Player Loading Directions

These directions will help walk you through setting up your computer to run the Web-Server Remote Player software. Please figure it will take about five minutes or so to upload the file and go through the necessary install. This installation is only needed once per computer, the computer will keep the program loaded in your Program Files. Use this link to get started, once done you'll be able to login to the Elevated Shots Web-Server where you'll have access to all of your archived videos.

Link to: ElevatedShots DVR Software (First Time User)


Step 1
Click the above link and this is where you will go:

Fill in the ID and Password with the info you've been given

Step 2a
This is where you will download the Remote Player:

Follow the on-screen directions for installing. This only has to download once and then it'll save it in your Program Files for future usage.

Step 2b

This is where you will go if you already have the program loaded:

You're now in the system -
Click on 'Remote Play Back' which will automatically load the player

Step 3
This Secure Login Screen will be in front of the player:

Fill in the IP address / ID / Password with the info you've been given and click the 'Connect' button.

Step 4

You have now started the player that looks like this:

Step 5

A side bar menu will have listed different jobs. Find the job you're looking for and click it. This will start the video streaming. Depending on the speed of your connection and how fast of a computer you have will determine how smooth the video plays.

Step 6

To see more then a single camera, click on the upper right corner button and choose 'Quad View' or 'Multi View'. Keep in mind the more cameras you want to watch at a single time takes up that much more band width and the video could become choppy depending on each of your resource speeds.

Step 7

The buttons at the bottom of the player are pretty self explanatory of what they do. Play / Pause / Stop etc... The side bar has a few 'Save' buttons you will use in different ways

Below is a link that takes you directly to the 'Operating' set of directions. These are put into an easy format for printing (3-Pages) and will be valuable to have with you for ease of operation.

Happy Viewing -


Link to: Player Operating Directions

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